Session 4: Math Tools for Teachers

Presenter: Felicia Cullers, Grovetown MS


Technology: Introductory remark “OK, y’all, most everything we’re doing today is web-based, so there’s not really any hand-outs, but if you want me to email you the Mp3 files you hear, job down my email address” I think I’m gonna like this.  Tools demonstrated:  Teacher Tube (order of operations rap video);  Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX–search by grade level, subject, topic, etc. They have lesson plans, PPTs, pdf’s, word documents, etc.); Utah Education Network (curriculum resources, lessons, fold-ables, songs, games, etc. in pdf form, essential questions, etc.);


Hands-On: Nunnathat. (Unless you count participating by writing our own songs!)


What I liked: Incorporation of music into math class. Once again, something I like, but just don’t think about enough.  It really does help students remember concepts, especially when they’re involved in creating the songs.


Interesting: Girlfriend is BRAVE to be up singing & rapping in front of all of us!

The rap that we made up today:

Working with integers can be fun, follow the rules and then you’re done.

When you multiply or divide, do what you know and check the sign.

When the signs are the same, positive is the name of the game.

When the signs are different, it’s a negative thing.

Working with integers can be fun, follow the rules and then you’re done.

Hope you liked our song, ’cause we are done.

Adding and subtracting rules are still to come.

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